The Toni Piëch Foundation contributes to accelerating the transformation the world unquestionably needs with regard to the global climate crisis and the regeneration of natural habitats. We strongly believe that humankind is capable of finding visionary solutions to the challenges it faces. And we are here to empower those solutions as a driving force – by giving them an initial spark at an early stage, by helping to fund them, by campaigning on a political-societal level and by starting pivotal dialogues about the burning questions of our time within the set of TPF’s priorities.

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Mankind is capable of solving the challenges it faces – by finding visionary solutions.
Toni Piëch,
Founder & Chair of Board

The Founder: Toni Piëch

The belief that there always is a solution to be developed is deeply rooted in our founder Toni Piëch’s work, values and heritage, all marked by a deep passion for the power of innovation. With the name Piëch being globally associated with automotive history and two of the world’s most known car manufacturers, it embodies the essence of mobility, engineering and design.

In this spirit Toni Piëch founded the company Piëch Automotive. The Swiss car manufacturer aspires to charge mobility with future oriented and sustainable innovations. While the TPF operates entirely independently and is not affiliated to any of Toni Piëch's companies, it would be unthinkable to run the Foundation without the determination or the values attached to the name and heritage of the founder Toni Piëch.

With the commitment to the power of innovation at its roots, the focus of the Toni Piëch Foundation is set on one thing: promoting real solutions to future demands and challenges such as climate change, the global energy transition, the future of cities and construction, digitalisation or artificial intelligence.

The good news is: Many promising solutions exist already, may they be of technical, political, societal or financial nature. In many cases they only need a jump-start to be further developed, implemented and monitored in order to fulfil their full potential – to build an economy and a society that is more resilient, more inclusive, more renewable and healthier and to improve the way of life for all citizens around the globe.

Identifying these solutions, telling their stories in a convincing way, painting imaginable and visible future scenarios and giving them the initial spark they need to succeed will offer current and future generations a real value – this is the purpose the foundation has dedicated itself to.