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We believe in positive change. And in the solutions that drive it.

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Protecting the climate, restoring the resilience of ecosystems. Transforming the way energy is gained, delivered and consumed. Improving the way people live in societies. And within cities… The future holds unprecedented challenges – and thus enormous opportunities. 

The Toni Piëch Foundation believes that creating a sustainable, regenerative and liveable future is possible. And that it is time to speed things up. That’s not (always) a matter of scale.

The future holds unprecedented challenges – and thus enormous opportunities.
Toni Piëch,
Founder & Chair of Board

If there is a challenge, there is a solution to it. This conviction has been leading our founder’s, Toni Piëch’s work for years. And it is what inspired the Toni Piëch Foundation: the desire to help innovations and innovators to solve real problems and to deliver a sustainable impact to the world.


Our heartbeat.
How we operate.

Where to start when creating a better tomorrow? How to avoid reinventing the wheel? Where to make a difference with small seed fundings? The Toni Piëch Foundation concentrates on what we consider to be most urgent and where we think we can make a difference: Climate action, the global energy transition and the future of cities and construction – all areas where we believe we can contribute and which we consider a critical component for moving towards a sustainable world. For example: Did you know that the global construction sector is one of the biggest greenhouse gas emitters? Or that the future of cities and construction is actually having a huge impact on our resilience, our health and on the functioning of our societies?

The Toni Piëch Foundation operates on multiple levels.

The Toni Piëch Foundation is providing seed funding within the range of 10.000-100.000 CHF per year. It accepts grant applications only by invitation and only within its programmatic focus. It funds scientific research as well as entrepreneurial projects or policy work.

We look at grant applications from the innovation and communication lens and seek to help promising projects at an early stage to gain traction and to get going. It goes without saying that projects have to be in line with the values the Toni Piëch Foundation stands for.

The promising possibility of shaping a future that protects the earth while allowing human societies to thrive.


Everything we do, we do to inspire, encourage and implement change. And change can never be achieved alone. Therefore, our partners and projects aim to start and foster a bigger conversation about a liveable future, empowering networks of like-minded people to maximise the impact of the measurements taken to tackle the challenges in the areas the Toni Piëch Foundation is invested in.



The Toni Piëch Foundation consists of a governing Board deciding on the overall direction. Its Head Office is handling the daily business. Together we shape our future step by step. Curious and inquisitive, optimistic and forward-looking, these are our defining character treats.


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