Work Programme for 2022

In its programme dedicated to the energy transition the new foundation already works on developing an urban energy modelling tool in partnership with the university ETH Zürich. The goal: to better understand immediate needs of cities to transform the energy sector based on climate targets and to enable a city-wide energy planning with a software tool. This tool is intended to eventually encourage cities to switch to 100% renewable energies. We further support the ETH Zürich to establish a network of universities being "change agents" for the local energy transition of their cities.

In 2022 the TPF also focuses on promoting clean construction – an important lever as the climate footprint of buildings is among the biggest single sources of emissions in the world, driven by the materials used for construction, namely concrete, cement and steal. As the building sector is on the brink of a huge transformation from using resources with heavy climate impacts towards using carbon absorbing materials, the TPF seeks to fast-track this shift.

Also on the agenda for this year: Joining forces with other relevant platforms and gaining traction for the matters of the foundation by emphasising communication work.