Transforming the Built Environment Fact by Fact

Why? The role of the building sector in climate change has received increasing attention in the scientific community in recent years, but the lack of easily accessible and illustrative information from credible sources has hindered the general public, industry professionals and change-makers from participating in the discussion.

How? For this reason, the Toni Piëch Foundation in November 2022 established a partnership with the think tank Bauhaus Earth to create a common knowledge base for regenerative approaches to buildings and the use of alternative building materials to combat climate change. 

Co-founded by John Schellnhuber, Director Emeritus of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Bauhaus Earth focuses on transforming the built environment through scientific inquiry and policy advising. An interdisciplinary team addresses knowledge gaps in existing research and policy and identifies points of intervention to put the transformation of the construction sector on the global agenda.

Initiated by the Toni Piëch Foundation, Bauhaus Earth is developing modular series of short, concise information sheets (“factsheets”) organized by topic. The first series of factsheets puts the construction sector into the context of global challenges, highlighting its role in addressing the climate emergency and presenting the vision of a regenerative built future. The second series focuses on the building scale, explaining sustainable construction with an emphasis on materiality. Among other aspects, re-used, recycled and organic construction materials will be discussed. All series will be made available via the communication channels of Bauhaus Earth and the Toni Piëch Foundation. The Toni Piëch Foundation is providing a grant of €45,900 for the creation of both series.

The resulting series of factsheets can be found here: